Behind the Brand

Meet Edward Allistone and Russell Smith, the creators of Living Matcha.

Ed (right): Martial artist and devoted tea drinker

Living in China during my early 20s, I soon realised the depth of Asian tea culture. Though I’m still partial to the odd Earl Grey, I was hooked from the get go. Much like when people get geeky about whiskey, wine, or beer in Europe, there is no limit to how much you can explore the world of tea. There is always a new production method, origin, brewing technique, or vintage to investigate. During my time working in marketing at a speciality tea company, I developed a taste for Japanese matcha.

Tea for me offers a break from our high-paced lives. It is a part of the day I look forward to. In this respect, matcha ticks all the boxes. Whisking and drinking a bowl of Living Matcha is a great start to my day and I find it fuels my work activities as much as it complements calming, introspective activities, such as tai chi and meditation.

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Russ (left): Busy entrepreneur and health enthusiast

I have long been interested in finding new and convenient ways of getting high levels of clean, potent and easily-absorbable levels of nutrition into my diet and long ago found green powders and made them a staple part of my diet. I felt good after eating those foods, but as a busy entrepreneur I still lacked a real boost of energy I needed to get me through the working day, so often ended up reaching for a cup of coffee mid-afternoon and of course experienced the inevitable crash.

Discovering Matcha’s combination of potent, absorbable nutrition with the sustained caffeine lift (without the crash or anxiety, thanks to L-theanine!) has been a game changer for me. Organic, Living Matcha is now a staple part of my smoothie, raw cooking and overall health regime.

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