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Organic Living Matcha Green Tea Powder 30g

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Our 30g tins of Organic Living Matcha are ideal for both cooking and drinking.

With high levels of antioxidants and the nutrition of 15 cups of regular green tea (yes, really!) the benefits of consuming our tea are numerous:

  • Increased concentration (without the crash and jitters of coffee)
  • Calming and relaxing (due to high levels of L-Theanine)
  • Energising (thanks to the caffeine / L-Theanine combo!)
  • Boosts metabolism (great for gaining muscle and burning fat)
  • Supported immune function (thanks to the antioxidants)
  • Huge nutritional payload (due to unique processing and consuming whole leaf)
  • Aids in meditation and study (has been used for centuries this way)

All Living Matcha tea is 100% Certified Organic, clean and chemical free. It is also a powerhouse of nutrition, delivering its high Vitamin A, C and E content in a way that you can easily assimilate (with Living Matcha, you consume the whole leaf, not just the infusion!)

If you plan on using this super-power green tea powder for cooking, then you will find its full and robust flavour profile a great addition to any recipe, including traditional desserts, vegan and raw food cooking and delicious smoothies.

It also makes a great daily drink (the best coffee replacement available) which is packed with nutrition and chlorophyll.

Brew it up in traditional style with a bamboo whisk and bowl, or the modern way; using a shot glass and electric whisk.

We personally use Living Matcha every day in our morning smoothies, and throughout the day as a drink to help us stay healthy, strong and focused.

Above all it tastes delicious!

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Product Description

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder from Japan

Net Weight: 30g

Servings per tin: 30

Directions: Whisk as a drink in hot water, or use as an ingredient in raw food preparation, cooking / baking and smoothies.

  • Organic
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Alkalising
  • Low Fat
  • Dairy Free

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size 1 Grams
Fibre 0.314 Grams
Protein 0.274 Grams
Vitamin A 0.3 milligrams
Vitamin C 1.85 milligrams (2.31% NRV)
Potassium 20 milligrams (1% NRV)
Calcium 3.28 milligrams (0.41% NRV)
Iron 1.3 milligrams (9.29% NRV)

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