Giving Back

We all like to feel we are adding something worthwhile to the world. While bringing you the best tea is satisfying, we want to do more. So 10% of our profit goes to charity.

With matcha, there are no obvious humanitarian or environmental issues caused by the tea industry. The people we deal with in Japan are doing very well. With that in mind, we can looked closer to home for a cause to support.

We both spend a lot of time away from the land where we grew up, England. Being away from home, you come to miss some things and idealise the rest. I’m always shocked when I return to the UK and realise that things back home are not as rosy as distance has led me to believe. One thing, however, is never underwhelming – our environment. The British countryside is a treasure and should be honoured as such. I never feel more content than I do when following a brook through a glade on Exmoor or sitting on a beach listening to waves crashing on the Cornish shore.

Luckily, there are no shortage of people in England working to maintain our shared ecology. In fact, we had a hard time selecting one cause. But in the end, we did choose – an organisation that works tirelessly to protect the plants and animals of the UK.