Living Matcha Premium Green Tea

Delicious | Organic | Antioxidant | Nutritious
Perfect for Drinking and Cooking

Why should I drink matcha?

Enhance Your Metabolism

As a supplement, ideal for making gains in the gym: matcha aids digestion and helps you shed weight as part of a balanced diet.

Promote CALM & RELAxation

L-theanine, a compound unique to tea, is energising, but also calming. Found in abundance in matcha, the zen of teas.


Matcha is packed with 15x more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and alkalising chlorophyll than green tea, keeping you healthy.


Unlike coffee, there is no crash – just sustained energy which lifts you throughout the day. Matcha is a great coffee alternative.

I’d like to try. I’ll have a 30g tin, please.

Sounds good, but why choose Living Matcha?


Certified Organic

Our matcha is grown in Japan using traditional methods. It is organic and free from nasty chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Freshness Guaranteed

To ensure that all our tea is fresh, each tin comes with a best-before label to guarantee nutritional integrity and great taste.

Incredible Taste

Some brands give matcha a bad name. Freshness and loving processing make our matcha is sweet with subtle astringency.

We Give Back

We only deal with suppliers who ensure the health of the land and people who work it. Further, 10% of profits go to the Wildlife Trust .

I’ve heard enough. I’ll have that 30g tin now!

All this sounds great, but what is matcha?

Matcha is tea, but not just any old tea!

Matcha is made from the highest-grade tea leaves, stone ground to a fine powder. True matcha is only grown in Japan, the best stuff is produced in Kagoshima in the south of Kyushu island, and that’s where we source Living Matcha.

All tea comes from the same plant, camelia sinensis, but matcha is different. For two weeks prior to picking, matcha is grown under shade. This shade-growing process causes the tea plant to produce extra chlorophyll (so it can absorb as much sunlight as possible). Shade growing not only gives matcha its vital green colour, but also supercharges the leaves with nutrients.

So, matcha is super healthy. Moreover, when you drink it, because it’s a powder (rather than an infusion), you ingest all these nutrients. Small wonder health enthusiasts are obsessed. With the sustained, no-crash boost of energy you get from a cup, Living Matcha is an excellent coffee replacement.

Your Living Matcha Lifestyle

We are always working to bring you something new. Be it original recipes (both healthy and some for cheat days) or general health & exercise tips, we’ve got the goods. We’ve also got some Matcha-based supplements in the pipeline.

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